Portman Stone

For more than 30 years Portman Stone Fireplaces has been supplying the nation with quality stone fireplaces that have not only warmed the rooms, but also continue to enrich the hearts and lives of those who are enjoying them. Portman Stone is a small friendly company in Christchurch striving to make every job they perform and every product they sell the best. They pride themselves in always offering friendly, efficient and cost effective solutions for their customers.

Portman Stone Fireplaces staff have been trained to the highest standards and believe in the fireplaces they create, and work hard to surpass every client’s expectations. They have seen their brand evolve from traditional limestone manufacturing in the 1970s to becoming the area’s foremost stone specialist. Because of their expertise in manufacturing, purchasing, and sales they have won contracts from some of the most prestigious house developers and builders, and private individuals. To learn more about Portman Stone fireplaces please contact us at Direct Fireplaces, where we will be happy to assist you in finding your ideal heating solution.