Cast Tec Regal Integra Gas Cast Iron Insert

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  • Description

    The Integra range of cast iron inserts is truly an innovative range of casts. They allow you to have the beautiful style of a cast iron insert but with the efficiency and specification of a modern style inset gas fire. The Integra cast iron inserts have a range of gas fires that can be installed within them, from: open fronted radiant fires for class 1 chimneys right through to glass fronted balanced flue fires for those who do not have a flue or chimney.

    The Regal with it's simple arch and minimalist detailing, it can look at home in any room style whether modern or traditional. Being such a minimalist inserts it can be combined with an ornate or modern style surround to suit you decor perfectly.

    Available Gas Fires:

    Classic Multifuel - 3.3kW heat output - Suitable for Class 1 (Brick Built Chimney ), Class 2 (pre-fabricated flues) or pre-cast flues
    High Output - 3.9kW heat output - Suitable for Class 1 (Brick Built Chimney ) or Class 2 (pre-fabricated flues)
    Convector Plus - 4.6kW heat output - Suitable for Class 1 (Brick Built Chimney ) or Class 2 (pre-fabricated flues)
    High Efficiency (Glass Fronted) - 3.8kW heat output - Suitable for Class 1 (Brick Built Chimney ) or Class 2 (pre-fabricated flues)
    Balanced Flue (Glass Fronted) - 3.8kW heat output - Suitable for use on an exterior wall where no flue is present.

  • Specifications
    Recess Required Yes
    Finish Options Black, Highlighted
  • Product Sizes
    Cast Tec Regal Integra Gas Cast Iron Insert
    Overall Width (A) 944mm
    Overall Height (B) 941mm
    Decorative Width (E) 722mm
    Decorative Height (F) 860mm
    Rebate (G) 55mm
    Inset Width (I) 420mm
    Inset Height (J) 570mm
    Inset Depth (K) Fire Dependent
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  • Q & A
    Hi there, We don't have a recess in our wall, or a chimney or a flue, we are looking for a fireplace in a similar style to the one above 'Cast Tec Regal Integra Gas Cast Iron Insert'. It is an external wall so we can put a vent through the wall. Do you have any options or suggestions please?
    Question by: Rory Neighbour on 18 Mar 2021, 11:12
    Hi Rory, thanks very much for getting in touch.

    What you could do is have a twin wall flue system created which is shown in this blog post -

    If it is a gas fire you want, I would also have your wall / set up assessed by a Gas Safe approved installer, from here -

    I hope this helps!
    Answer by: Henry Lewis on 22 Mar 2021, 10:30
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    Free Delivery

    CastTec aspires to deliver goods within 2 to 3 weeks of the date of receipt of purchase order. Deliveries will usually be completed by their own drivers on regular delivery routes most of which occur fortnightly across Great Britain. For some areas; the Highlands, the South West (below Bristol) and the South Coast, regular deliveries occur once every four weeks due to demand and the distance involved.

    Cast Tec deliver goods in this way to ensure they arrive in good condition and allows their drivers to place the items where the customer wants them. This is far better than sending a heavy pallet and leaving it on a pavement or driveway for the customer to unpackage. It also ensures that the customer can inspect the goods and sign a receipt to say that the goods are in a satisfactory condition.

    Another benefit is that in the unlikely event of any complaints, they can be dealt with immediately by the driver contacting their office and sometimes goods can be returned at the same time.

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