When the cold weather sets in, there's no better way to warm up your home than with a soothing, flickering fireplace. But today, not everybody wants to handle the hassle of chopping wood and cleaning up ashes. That's why electric fires connected to apps and Wi-Fi are becoming so popular today. With just a tap on your smartphone, you can control realistic flame effects and customisable heat settings to create the perfect ambience in any room. This level of control puts the power in your hands, allowing you to easily create the perfect home atmosphere. 

In this post, we’ll delve into the world of top app-enabled digital fireplaces and smart control fires on the market. Whether you're doing an entire house remodel or want to upgrade an existing fireplace, these high-tech hearths provide the ultimate convenience and flexibility. If you’re anything like us, the cutting-edge technology behind these fireplaces will pique your interest and excite you about their possibilities. 

Evonic E-Lectra 1500: Mesmerising holographic flames

Evonic E-Lectra 1500 smart control electric fire

The Evonic E-Lectra 1500 is an electric fire that must be seen to be believed. With its extra-wide 1500mm format, this built-in fire showcases Evonic’s most immersive patented rotisserie flame technology. Eleven different flame animations create tall, flickering flames that dance and sway for a stunning 3D holographic effect.

The E-Lectra 1500 puts convenience at your fingertips. Use the included remote or smartphone app to switch animations, adjust settings, and more. You can even connect to Alexa or Google Home for voice control. Subtle uplighting adds a soft glow for ambience. And with 1500 watts of heating power, this electric fire provides efficient warmth. For easy installation, take advantage of the included conversion kit.

Vision Futura 1500 Electric Inset Wall Fire: Loaded with helpful features 

Vision Futura 1500 electric inset smart control fire

The 1500 Electric Inset Wall Fire from Vision Futura has valuable features that make your life easier. Crank up the heat on chilly nights or use the light-only function for ambience anytime with the easy-to-use included remote. The realistic dancing flames and dynamic fuel bed look so authentic that your guests will swear real logs are burning! 

With nine flame colours and fuel bed options, you can customise the look and feel to suit your mood. Save your favourite settings in the dedicated favourite mode. The thermostatic control, hourly timer, and 7-day programmable timer give you precision over your heating schedule, optimising energy use. And thanks to the open window detection and cool blow function, this fireplace has your back when the temperature fluctuates. These energy-saving features can help you reduce your energy consumption significantly. 

The minimal visible vents and optimised heater position allow the Vision Futura 1500 to blend seamlessly into any existing fireplace opening. Add the ambient lighting kit to bathe your room in a warm glow for the finishing touch. 

Evonic e1500 Built-In Electric Fire: Single flame elegance 

Evonic 1500 built-in smart control fire

If you love a single flame's tall, elegant flicker, the Evonic e1500 will impress. The award-winning 1500mm flame spans the length of this built-in fireplace, creating a mesmerising display that dances before your eyes. With up to 1500 watts of heating power, it provides a satisfying warmth while still operating energy efficiently. 

The e1500 features SCHOTT CLEAR FLOAT glass for crystal clarity, making the flames almost lifelike. Choose continental logs or upgraded British woodland logs to customise the look. Overbed lighting adds a refined accent. Control the fireplace from your phone or use voice commands through Alexa or Google Home. 

This versatile model comes with a free conversion kit, allowing you to modify the specifications to suit your desired finished look easily – no need for a complete remodel! 

Gazco eReflex 110RW: Sleek media wall centrepiece

Gazco eReflex 110RW smart control fire

The Gazco eReflex 1100RW offers a sleek, contemporary style with app-controlled convenience, perfect for building a stylish media wall. It makes a striking focal point available in one-, two-, or three-sided configurations.

Gazco’s upgraded Chromalight LED flame system produces ultra-realistic effects. Control the eReflex 110RW right from your phone or through the thermostatic remote. It provides 2kW of instant heat at the touch of a button and a flame-only ambience.

Evonic E-llusion Sirus Built-In Cassette Inset Wall Electric Fire: A contemporary showpiece 

Evonic E-llusion Sirus smart control electric fire

If you're looking for a fireplace with a gorgeous modern style, the Evonic E-llusion Sirus will impress. This built-in cassette insert features a mesmerising 745mm flame effect behind sleek glass, giving off a dancing glow that instantly becomes the focal point of any room. The tapered interior and silver birch or woodland log options add striking visual appeal. 

But this fireplace offers more than just good looks. The e-Smart cloud app allows complete control from your smartphone, so you can turn the Sirus on or off, adjust the brightness, change the flame effect, and more with a tap. Overbed illumination creates a soft, ambient glow for extra cosiness. And with the Arctic, Soapstone, or Sienna MDF fascias, you can seamlessly match any décor. If you want a statement-making fireplace with smart convenience, the Sirus delivers. 

BlazeBright Oxford Deep Lux 1300 1-2-3-Sided Hole in the Wall Electric Fire: Flexible form meets function 

BlazeBright Oxford Deep Lux smart control media wall fire

With its three-sided design and huge 51-inch viewing area, the BlazeBright Oxford Deep Lux 1300 makes a bold statement. The panoramic flames and colour-changing LEDs are mesmerising, drawing the eye like a light show in your living room. 

Despite its commanding presence, the Oxford offers plenty of flexibility. Remove one or both side plates to convert it from a see-through peninsula fire to a two—or one-sided inset model. The remote control makes modifying the colour temperature and flame height simple, setting just the right mood. 

Like many app-controlled models, this digital fire can integrate with Alexa or Google Home for voice-activated control. It delivers thermostatic warming power for chilly days. The inset design allows for a built-in look by mounting inside an existing wall recess. Let the Oxford Deep Lux 1300 become the dynamic focal point of your living space. 

How do app-controlled digital fireplaces work their magic? 

Evonic Fires E-smart smart control app for Evonic electric fires

What exactly makes these futuristic digital fireplaces tick? How do you control flames and heat from an app on your phone? It's easier than you might think! 

App-enabled electric fires rely on built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to enable wireless control. The fire can be connected directly to your smartphone or tablet as long as either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is enabled, depending on the fire. Manufacturers provide a companion app to download with intuitive controls and features. The apps are compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, Google Home, and more, ensuring they work seamlessly with your existing technology. 

Within the app, you can adjust the brightness, change flame colours, turn the heat up or down, set schedules, and access special features like thermostatic control. Commands from the app are wirelessly transmitted to a control module inside the fireplace using your Wi-Fi connection. 

Some models integrate with smart home assistants like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri using Wi-Fi and voice recognition. This allows you to control your fireplace hands-free, using only voice commands! 

Go app-enabled for ultimate convenience 

Digital fireplaces and fires offer unique advantages over standard models, making them worth the upgrade. Here are the top reasons to go high-tech for your next fire: 

  • Control from anywhere: Adjust your fireplace remotely using your smartphone, no matter where you are. 
  • Voice activation: Use voice commands to control the ambience hands-free. 
  • Energy efficiency: Features like thermostatic control and timers optimise heating and promote responsible energy use. By choosing an app-controlled fireplace, you're making a conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. 
  • Custom schedules: Set timers and programs for automated operation. 
  • Safety features: Get notifications if windows are opened or problems are detected. 
  • Easy maintenance: Access controls and components are easy to maintain. 
  • Flame customisation: Choose from several colours and intensities to match your mood. 
  • Ambient lighting: Bathe the whole room in your fireplace’s glow. 
  • Dynamic flames: App-enhanced models have more realistic, flickering flames. 
  • Seamless integration: Wi-Fi connection allows smart home syncing. 

With this level of convenience, customisation, and versatility, app-controlled electric fires provide a better overall experience. The ability to tweak every setting from your phone makes enjoying and managing your fireplace a breeze. 

Experience the future of fireplaces for yourself 

If this glimpse into the world of app-controlled fires has you ready to upgrade, it's easy to find the perfect model for your home. At Direct Fireplaces, we offer an extensive selection of WI-Fi-enabled and smart control fires, fireplace suites, and fire inserts from brands like Evonic, Vision Futura, Gazco, Celsi, BlazeBright, and more. 

Browse our smart control fires category to see all the options available to bring your hearth into the future. You can shop by brand, heat output, size, design and more to find the ideal modern fireplace for creating an ambient, customised flame right from your smartphone. 

Our team is always on hand for exceptional customer service and expert advice to help you select the right fire and install it correctly in your space. Contact us at [email protected] or call 0161 376 4181. 

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