Media walls are all the rage lately – a chic way to incorporate your entertainment centre into your living space décor. With a gorgeous new media wall fireplace as the cosy centrepiece, now it's time to pick the ideal telly to pair with it. Choosing the right screen size for your space can be tricky. You want big, immersive viewing, but not so massive it dominates the room – or dwarfs the media wall fire. In this guide, we'll walk you through the key factors to consider when selecting a TV that blends beautifully into your media wall vision.

Size up your space

Before you select a fire or TV, it's essential to accurately measure the full dimensions of your room and the wall area designated for the media wall. This initial step gives you the maximum width and height parameters. 

Sketch the wall to scale on graph paper, noting any windows, doors, or existing built-ins. This blueprint will assist in placing the fire and TV in proportion to the space. Ensure you have sufficient floor space clearance for traffic flow and furniture arrangements. Armed with these measurements, the first task is to choose the fire that suits your space. This will serve as the anchor for your media wall. Once you've found the right fire, you can build the rest of the surrounding design.

Bigger spaces can comfortably accommodate more oversized fires and TV screen sizes without appearing awkward or overwhelming. Plus, more expansive rooms can accommodate bigger TVs compared to square-shaped spaces. So, measure the room's height and width to get a feel for the appropriate scale.

A general guide:

  • Less than 3m wall: 32-43" TV
  • 3-4m: 50-60" TV
  • 4-5m: 65-75" TV
  • Over 5m: 75-85" TV

The table below from Evonic Fires provides a helpful guideline on pairing fireplace and TV sizes:

Screen sizeWidth
32 inch709 mm
40 inch886 mm
43 inch953 mm
50 inch1107 mm
55 inch1217 mm
60 inch1328 mm
65 inch1440 mm
70 inch1549 mm
75 inch1661 mm
80 inch1770 mm
85 inch1882 mm

Find the best-matched TV size after determining your fire's width and height measurements. Arrange both at comfortable viewing heights and angles that complement each other. The TV should not appear dwarfed by the fire or vice versa. Some space between the two focal points helps delineate them within the entire wall.

Seating situation

Your viewing distance from the screen also affects which size TV you pick. The optimal viewing area falls within a 40-degree field of vision, allowing your eyes to take in the whole picture comfortably without excessive head turning. Check the distance from your prime seating spot to where the TV will hang and match it to the recommended size range.

Recommended sizes:

  • 1.5-2.5m: 43-50"
  • 2.5-3m: 55-65"
  • 3-4m: 65-75"
  • 4-5m: 75-85"

The further back you're seated, the larger the screen size you can watch without straining your eyes or neck.

Picture quality preferences

Higher resolution screens allow you to scale up in size without losing picture quality. Ultra HD and 4K televisions have four times the resolution of Full HD. This more detailed image allows for sitting closer to bigger screens. Curved screens provide a more immersive viewing experience but usually command higher prices. Consider your preferences around resolution and viewing experience when evaluating your options.

Planned usage

How you plan to use your telly also impacts the ideal size. Film buffs will likely want to max out the largest screen that comfortably fits the room. This provides that cinematic, captivating experience. More casual TV watching or just keeping it on in the background permits a smaller size. If you plan to use the TV for gaming, a bigger one is better for immersion.

Style and budget

Of course, practical considerations like style and budget help narrow your choices, too. The cost of televisions scales up rapidly with increased screen size. Higher-end large screens come with a hefty price tag. Outline your budget to identify options in your price range. Remember, larger televisions become more of a focal point in the room. Make sure it aligns with your intended aesthetic – either as the star of the show or blending seamlessly into the whole media wall. The right size and placement can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Measuring up

Once you have the baseline room, seating measurements, ideal TV height, and width based on your desired fire, it's time to visualise sizing options. Mark out the potential screen size on the wall with tape to get a feel for how it fills the space. Most recommend the centre of the screen hit 1.2-1.5m off the floor. Check sight lines from prime seating areas to ensure a clear view without obstructions.

Take aesthetics into account, too. Snap photos from seated perspectives to understand how the TV will complement the rest of the media wall. Scale up or down if it seems to dominate or get lost in the rest of the room.

Leave room to grow

While it's important to consider your current budget and space limitations, it's also wise to leave room for potential future upgrades. As technology advances and prices drop, you may want to consider a larger TV. Opt for a screen size towards the lower end of your ideal range to allow for the possibility of upgrading to a larger size in the future. This strategy prevents you from fully utilising the room's current capacity and ensures your media wall remains adaptable to future changes.

Sound pairing

Incorporate audio into your media wall fireplace to complete an immersive entertainment centre. Larger TV screen sizes often mean installing an accompanying surround sound system or hidden speakers. The sleek look of a single-mounted TV contrasts with consoles featuring built-in speakers. Plan your audio integration before building your media wall so it doesn't become an afterthought.

Final tuning

Once you've purchased and mounted your TV, consider living with it for a couple of weeks while watching films and shows, if you can. This will help you confirm if you've selected the optimal viewing experience within your space. Tweaking the height and distance from the fire (or where you plan for the fire to be) or even exchanging for a slightly bigger or smaller size is easier before the media wall is fully finished. Don't be afraid to make final adjustments to perfect your living room during this tuning period.

Finding balance and harmony between your statement media wall fire and eye-catching TV is critical to creating a captivating media wall that impressively anchors your living space. Follow these guidelines to select a screen with enough wow factor to match the fire while complementing your existing layout and décor.

Remember, picking your fire first is best for a media wall fireplace and TV setup. Still looking for your perfect fire? Check out our media wall fireplaces before you start TV shopping – we have something for every media wall size and design.

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