Wednesday, June 19

An Introduction To Deluxe Fireplace Suites

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Here at Direct Fireplaces we like to think we have our finger on the pulse of the hottest (see what we did there?) fireplace trends. Something that we’ve noticed recently is that more and more people are opting for deluxe fireplace suites.

What are deluxe fireplace suites?

The majority of gas fires and electric fires that we sell here are a standard size that will fit into an opening of 22” high x 16” wide. That works perfectly for many people, but for some modern homes those dimensions don’t allow you to achieve the look you are striving for. That’s where deluxe fireplace suites come into the picture.

Deluxe fireplace suites have a wider panel, almost like the widescreen TVs of the fireplace world, which can help create a stunning centrepiece for any room. Framing the fire, whether it is gas or electric, in this wider window really embellishes the effect of the flame and is simply stunning to look at. It’s easy to see why our customers love it.

Also, as they are suites they come complete with hearths and surrounds. That means you get the complete package without having to worry about any additional extras, making them not just good looking but practical as well.

Our favourite deluxe gas fireplace suites

If you’re thinking about investing in a deluxe gas fireplace suite (and we think that’s a very good idea), here are some of our favourite products for you to choose from.

Aurora Limestone Fireplace Package complete with Verine Meridian Gas Fire

Aurora Limestone Fireplace Package complete with Verine Meridian Gas Fire

Verine gas fires have been manufactured in the UK for 45 years – so they are a brand with real heritage. The Meridian gas fire offers a net efficiency of up to 75%, so not only is it great for your energy bills but it also looks stunning. This particular deluxe fireplace suite is set within a limestone surround, which really embellishes the effect of the flame, helping it become a stunning centrepiece in any room.

Stonehenge Deluxe Gas Fire Suite

Stonehenge Deluxe Gas Fire Suite

The first thing to say about the Stonehenge Deluxe Gas Fire Suite is that it has an 80% heat efficiency. If that doesn’t give you enough piece of mind, it also comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can be completely confident that it’s built to last.

The understated, minimalist design of this deluxe fireplace means it looks perfectly at home in any room decor while also creating that welcoming warmth of a fireplace that we all crave.

Our favourite electric fireplace suites

If an electric fire is more accessible to you due to ease of installation, then we also have a great range of deluxe electric fireplace suites. Here are some of our favourites.

Celsi Ultiflame VR Rennes Fireplace Suite

Celsi Ultiflame VR Rennes Fireplace Suite

Celsi are already a well established brand when it comes to electric fires, and with their Ultiflame VR Rennes Fireplace Suite it’s easy to see why. It comes with a 22-inch VR inset that has stunning 3D visual depth that really captures the authentic movements of the flame. The fuel bed itself captures the homely, comforting nature of natural logs through the incredibly detailed ceramics.

It’s also very easy to operate – at the push of a button it’s like having a your very own roaring log fire.

Celsi Ultiflame VR Avignon Elite Fireplace Suite

Celsi Ultiflame VR Avignon Elite Fireplace Suite

Another great Celsi fire, the Ultiflame VR Avignon Fireplace Suite takes widescreen electric fireplaces to another level. Available in a 54” installation for smaller rooms and 58” for larger installations, the stunning visuals are perfect for anyone that wants a low maintenance fireplace that still looks incredible.

A perfect centrepiece for larger rooms; it’s modern, elegant and we are confident that you’ll will love it.

So there you have it; an introduction to deluxe fireplace suites and some of our favourite products in the range. If you have any questions about these or any of our other fireplaces, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts or pop in and visit us at our showroom in Stockport.


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