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Our Best Three Sided Electric Fireplaces

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Traditionally speaking, conventional electric fires mostly use a 1D flame effect, with the rear of the fuel bed lit up by artificial embers.

Times, however, are changing.

In this post we take a look into the world of three sided electric fireplaces.

This is a fireplace phenomenon that we have seen more and more of in recent years, making it possible to enjoy that warming , fireplace glow from all sides of your living room.

What is a three sided electric fireplace?

Rather than flames appearing on a flat screen towards the back of the fuel bed, a three sided electric fireplace delivers the illusion of real fire in the centre and front too.

In the past only those sat directly in front of their artificial fireplace could see the flames enclosed within. Now it’s possible to see from all angles.

The Direct Fireplaces product range sees Celsi lead the way in this field.

Their patented  E-VR Flame Projection technology is a total game changer and creates a natural log fire effect that has been previously unseen up until recently.

Our Best Celsi Three Sided Electric Fireplaces

Onto our favourites then. Below are some of the three sided electric fireplaces that have caught our attention – and we think will catch yours too.


Celsi Electriflame Volare 750

This wall mounted electric suite will float magnificently in your living room. With  integrated surround LED lighting and a glass enclosed fuel bed, both style and safety are on display with the Volare 750. Woodland logs can also be purchased as an optional extra, with Silver Birch coming as standard.

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Celsi Electriflame Media 750

The Media 750 model in Celsi’s Electriflame range also comes with Silver Birch logs as standard, with the optional extra of Woodland logs. One of the Media’s best selling points is its two shelf storage space underneath the fuel bed. It also benefits from a simple ‘place down – plugin’ fuss-free installation.

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Celsi Electriflame Carino 1100

A 58-inch suite with a 43-inch, 3-sided flame effect,  the Carino 1100 is a real favourite and a real show-stopper in any living space. Along with Silver Birch logs and crystal ash embers, is the Carino’s ‘Flame Fusion’ feature, allowing single or dual-flame colours.

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Haven’t seen what you’re looking for? Browse all of our Electric Fireplace Suites or give us a call at Direct Fireplaces for some more help!

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