Wednesday, June 19

The Best & Most Realistic Flame Effect Electric Fires

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Many of us don’t have the setup at home to have a real wood burning fire, whether that’s due to building regulations, chimney type or a variety of other factors. Some of us don’t even want a fire like that!

However, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can now have a gas or electric fire that looks so realistic that it’s almost as good as the real thing with some amazing real flame effects.

If you’re interested in a fire that gives off that real fire glow, we’ve put together some of the best flame effect electric fires on the market right now from top brands including Flamerite, Celsi and Dimplex.

Flamerite Fires

Radia Flame 3D

Radia Flame from Flamerite uses state of the art LED technology to project a fantastic 3D flame effect that flickers just like the real thing. You’ll soon forget you’re sat in front of an electric fire, and of course you can switch it on and off without it needing to warm up.

Fires with Radia Flame 3D effect:

RadiaFlame with Omniglide

Flamerite also have the Omniglide range which features Radia Flame, and again it looks pretty amazing. It uses a tilting glass panel to make the flame effect even more realistic, as well as creating more depth and concealing the heater.

Fires with Omniglide effects:

We have more Omniglide fires in stock at our fireplace showroom.

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Celsi Fires


Celsi’s Puraflame range is a little bit special. Using LCD technology it basically shows a constant video of a real fire, but you can also speed up or slow down the flame speed to suit, and it even has realistic sound effects for the ultimate experience.

If you want a realistic flame effect electric fire with no heat then that’s possible with Puraflame as well.

Fires with Puraflame effects:


Celsi also have a Electriflame range that uses innovative 3D technology to create a breathtaking smouldering fire effect. You can also get Electriflame on Celsi’s electric wood burning stoves as well if you prefer the look of a stove.

Fires (and stoves) with Electriflame effects:

Ultiflame VR

Rounding off the realistic flame effect fires from Celsi is the Ultiflame VR, which isn’t virtual reality, but rather Virtual flame-Real fire, utilising 3D visual depth and realistic flame movements. This is definitely one of the best flame effects around at the moment.

Fires with Ultiflame VR effects:

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Dimplex Fires


Dimplex first introduced the Optiflame electric fire way back in 1988 and have constantly refined it over the years. The simulated flames are incredibly realistic flame effect that is one of the most popular around.

Optiflame Dimplex flame effect electric fire

Fires with Optiflame effects:


Opti-myst fires look amazing, and the clue’s in the name to how they work! It uses a patented smoke effect (which is actually an ultra fine water mist) that really does look like actual fire, and has proper depth as opposed to being projected onto a flat surface.

All of our Opti-myst fires are available exclusively through our showroom – pop in to see how amazing they are up close.

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